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Daring to Dream Again!

Do I Dare to Dream Again or is it just Wishful Thinking? As the 90 Day Online Marketing Bootcamp winds down… I have this feeling of peace come over me. Your mind needs to be prepared for an upcoming challenge before the body can shift into gear and get to work.

Do You Expect to Win?

Way Down Deep Inside of You… Do You Expect to Win? Get Your Mind Right! Be honest now… Deep inside your guts… Do you really expect to win? Or are you just a Prisoner of Hope?

How Long Would a Rat Swim in Total Darkness?

How important is Hope? How strong is your Faith? I’m not talking about a spiritual faith here… I’m talking about Continue Reading

When is Your Best Time of day to be Productive?

When is Your Best Time of day to be Productive? We are all different in this regard. Some of us are Early Birds! People who enjoy getting up at dawn or before the sun rises. These people are usually very disciplined in their daily routines… they have a set ritual or routine that they follow each morning. I’m like that. I find that I am most productive when I get out of bed before the sun rises. Then there are the people who flow with the business day cycle. Somewhere in the world it is work time… and somewhere it is sleep time.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself! So many Amazing People all over the world! Each one born with a Gift… a Talent… a Purpose for being here… Each has a Story that is as unique as a fingerprint… A Story that must be told… be shared… be heard… A Return to Innocence…

Who Is Kristin Procanick? Does Anyone Really Care?

This is about my friend Kristin Procanick. Amazing young woman with a heart as big as Texas! Kristin Procanick is a voice for a Death Row inmate in Texas. An intelligent man who faces a certain future but has some very interesting thoughts about life and death that Kristin records in a blog for him.

Disabled Veteran Breaks Down and Cries Over a Gallon of Milk.

There are many inspiring stories written about our veterans that we read about. Sometimes they are stories of bravery in battle… courage against all odds. Stories of men and women where medals are awarded for actions “Above and Beyond” the call of duty. As a veteran of the United States military these stories often move me… some stories bring me to tears. I find myself offering a silent salute to these good people and thank God for their selfless dedication, commitment, and often times bravery. But I wish I read more stories like the one I wish to share with you.

Semicolon Tattoo – Ever See Someone With One?

The Semicolon Tattoo is trendy but it carries an important deeper message! Why have a Semicolon Tattoo displayed on your body? Tattoos are often beautiful works of art displayed on the canvas of your body but why would someone want to display a semicolon tattoo? It turns out that there is a very important awareness reminder that comes with this visual mark of punctuation.

Denzel Washington Shares 2 Words That Will Lead You To Achievement

Denzel Washington Shares a Secret To Success with Fellow Actors. Denzel Washington, a two time Academy Award winning actor, regularly attends actors workshops. It’s a great opportunity for him to hone his skills and to be an inspiration to fellow actors who are still climbing the ladder to their own fame and fortune. In the video posted in this article, Denzel Washington shares two words that could possibly help you achieve the success you desire.